• Great diversity of
    landscapes, history and culture

    Ouarzazate, a Dream Factory, at the door of the desert:
    authenticity, high variety of landscape and very rich heritage.
  • The state Commitment
    at all levels

    The government has taken a pro-active initiative
    in favour of foreign productions.
  • The Infrastructure
    and moderns Logistics

    In order to assist expansion of this nowadays vital sector,
    several investors, national and foreign, have built studios,
    with fully equipped structure in.
  • Political and
    social stability

    Morocco has always enjoyed great political stability
    and economic prosperity; they have made the country
    an attractive destination for productions all over the world.
  • Close to Europe, UK, Americas
    and eastern countries

    Morocco is Located at the gate of Africa and Europe,
    bordered by the Mediterranean sea in the north,
    and by the Atlantic in the west, being largely open
    on the Sahara desert.
  • High Skilled
    Human resources

    Ethnic diversity offers a great choice of extras.
    Very qualified technicians and craftsmen multilingual
    speaking are available for all shooting departments.
    Available for productions, they have been trained with the best of the world.


In 2008, Ouarzazate, the capital of the film business in Morocco and Africa, established a Film Commission.

Ouarzazate Film Commission was created by the intiative of the Regional Council of Souss Massa Draa and the Moroccan Cinema Center.

Its main goal is to promote the cinematographic industry in Ouarzazate and to facilitate filming in the region by offering foreign film crews the best possible work conditions and production framework.

The Ouarzazate Film Commision offers a complete set of services to strengthen the appeal of the Ouarzazate region as a filming location especially adapted to cinema and audiovisual production.

Several factors explain the special place Morocco holds in the hearts of film makers from all over the world. Its historic tradition and natural resources feed the desire for exoticism and for escapism.

There is such a variety of landscapes with the red desert, just a stone’s throw from the snow.

However Morocco is not a one trick pony, the ever improving infrastructure, unparalleled professionalism and new administrative measures like the one stop shop for online filming applications rightly ensure that Morocco keeps it leading position.

Ouarzazate is land of highlights, snowy and rocky mountains, valleys, oasis and desert… All in the same location.

You will also find the greatest number of historical monuments in the world enough to satisfy the needs of any film period or heroic fantasy piece. Ouarzazate is fascinating and enchanting nature and the wealth of its patrimony. A cross-road between Dades, Draa and Souss, the city is placed in natural set piece of great beauty.

During film shooting, Ouarzazate becomes, by turn, the Egypt of “The mummy”, the Somali of “Black Hawk Down”, not to mention the Tibet of “Kundun”. In addition to feature films, Ouarzazate becomes a perfect set for product reporting, documentaries, short films, commercial spots or TV movies.


Cash rebate

Foreign production companies can benefit from a reimbursement of 30% when they shoot in Morocco

One stop services

The creation of services to facilitate more procedures and contacts with the relevant departments and authorities involved in filming.

Customs facilities

Simplification of the temporary importation procedures for the necessary filming equipment, and clearing customs with material for filming both on the way in and out of the country.

Competitive costs

You can save between 30 to 50% of production costs.

VAT exemption

20% VAT reduction on goods and service bought in Morocco.

Preferential rates

A symbolic tariff to film on historic sites and monuments.

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